Hotel near Viareggio

Viareggio is one of the most fascinating seaside resorts in Italy. A city with a liberty soul, with historic buildings, beautiful cafes and, as in the past, with an elegant and refined environment, reminiscent of a piece of Italy from the 1920s of the last century. Always known as one of the historical rivieras of excellence on the Italian west coast, it is nowadays suitable for all types of tourism, not only those of the sea, in fact it is also famous for its carnival, one of the most famous in the world.
What to see
The city is pleasant, not only during the holiday season, in the summer months, or that of the well-known Viareggio Carnival. There is much more to see, beyond the 10 km and more of sandy beaches of the Versilia coast, the city is full of attractions such as the Passeggiata Margherita which collects numerous boutiques and shops of the most prestigious brands of high fashion Italian European and international. It is a place that has always attracted many people from Viareggio and beyond, who also come from distant cities to spend their free time shopping or relaxing in the sun, among shop windows and cafes. Viareggio also boasts two pine forests, extensive green areas that give the opportunity to take a walk in nature, play sports or take children to play, here are kiosks, ice cream parlors, restaurants, bike rentals, tandems and rickshaws and rides for the little ones. Inside there is also a swan pond, tennis courts, minigolf and bowling greens. Furthermore, the one between Viareggio and the Carnival is a long love story, the city has dedicated to its historical event the Cittadella del Carnevale, a large urban park where the papier-mâché masters work, the artisans of Viareggio who build giant Charriots by hand.
How to visit it
Surely to enjoy the city of Viareggio it is recommended to visit it on foot or by bike, thanks to the bike paths in the pine forests and on the promenade.
How to get there
You can reach Viareggio in 10 minutes by car or bus, the bus station is close to the historical center and is just a few minutes walk from our hotel.
When to Visit It
Summer in addiction to beach tourism Viareggio has always satisfied the tastes of lovers of the visual arts, to see the Civic Museums of Villa Paolina and the refined art-deco decorations, which characterize many villas throughout the city. Many delightful liberty touches can be admired for example along the Promenade, the avenue that runs along the sea is the true showcase of the city, among its most noteworthy elements to be certainly pointed out is the Caffè Margherita, which has remained almost intact since Giacomo Puccini . Viareggio then naturally means Carnival: that here is one of the most famous and spectacular manifestations on the planet. The event revives every year during the four weeks of the courses, in which tourists from all over Italy come to admire the most famous papier-mâché floats of the world.


The events related to the summer Viareggina and the Carnival are many and it is practically impossible not to find a party, a market or a concert.