Hotel near Lucca

The city of Lucca constitutes one of the flagships of Tuscany, a point of arrival or passage that cannot be overlooked for its artistic beauty and evocative atmosphere. Lucca is also a city that has been able to renew itself by becoming the home of many events for younger people such as Lucca Comics&Games and the Summer Festival.

Needless to say, Lucca, the city of 100 churches, cannot be visited in a single day, but it may be enough to taste its essence, catch a glimpse of its artistic beauty and get the urge to return to discover even its most hidden and mysterious aspects.


The historic walls, an inseparable element of the city that make it unique and world-renowned. They are the only ones, in fact, that are completely passable both on foot and by bike. Four kilometers of scenic promenade with views of the city of Lucca, the most hidden corners and the pearls that these walls hold within them, in the shade of centuries-old trees that allow glimpses, here and there, of children’s playgrounds and recreational areas equipped for relaxing picnics. Secret passages, hiding places and ramparts enclose the historical memory of a city that really has so much to tell, as well as wonderful corners of paradise such as the Botanical Garden, a kind of public garden that, in addition to the floral heritage of the park of the walls of Lucca, houses a library, herbariums, laboratory museums and much more.


Crossing the walls, one enters the heart of the city, of what is commonly called the city of 100 churches because of the large number of religious buildings present, beautiful examples of art and architecture. We recommend a visit to the Cathedral of San Martino in the square of the same name, which is reached by crossing the walls on the side of the train station, where some splendid works of art are preserved, such as the funeral monument to Ilaria del Carretto by Jacopo della Quercia and the Wooden Crucifix of the Holy Face, after which comes the Basilica of San Frediano, from where the procession of the Feast of the Holy Cross departs, and the Church of San Michele, also located in the square of the same name in the middle of the historic center. Here also crosses Lucca’s most famous street, the one where all the most important and well-known stores reside, the so-called Fillungo, a must if you are in the mood for shopping.


From Fillungo you can get just about anywhere in the historic center, if it is good weather especially, a nice walk will let you discover the prettiest spots in the city and those stops you absolutely cannot miss, such as the Amphitheater Square. Authentic jewel of Lucca with a Roman layout, here stood, in fact, the old forum, and it is precisely on the original structure of elliptical shape typical of Roman amphitheaters that the current square and the buildings that surround it were built, maintaining its shape and structure, here you can find characteristic small restaurants and stores with an authentic Lucchese flavor, and events, events and concerts take place here, especially in summer.

Lucca is ideal to be visited on foot or by bicycle, The bicycle route however is highly recommended, the suggestion is to do at least the section of the tree-lined walls: it is just 4 km, and the route is a lot of fun, as well as beautiful. The area is completely pedestrian, and no physical fitness or special training is required. Mount your bike and off you go, no worries, it is comfortably done in no time. For renting bikes, there are no problems. Find many places where they are rented, at low prices.
Lucca is easily accessible from our hotel by car with a 20-minute drive, however Lucca is a city to be visited on foot, in fact its historic center is closed to cars of non-residents, so we recommend visiting it by choosing the bus, which stops directly inside the walls of the town’s historic center.The Pietrasanta bus station is only a 5-minute walk from our hotel.
Lucca is at its best during the fall season. Nature gives the city’s medieval walls warm tones and colors, shades of red and orange that go well with the nature of the city itself. A place that tries to marry modernity with respect for tradition. In that period one can experience Lucca in a completely calm and relaxed way, letting oneself be tempted by the local wines and specialties, or wait for much more eventful moments including the international comic book fair, the Lucca Comics&Games, an annual event that transforms every street into a fantasy setting, where one can reconcile with one’s past among Japanese robots and glimpses of star wars. All in all, autumn allows Lucca to express itself at the highest level, providing substantially mild weather, many opportunities for entertainment, and still leaving accessible seaside and mountain scenery that frames it every day of the year.


While offering its visitors visits to places rich in history and culture, in recent years the city of Lucca has decided to open up to the new by promoting festivals and exhibitions that have gained international visibility in terms of interest and avant-garde. The traditional Lucca antiques market and the September of Lucca are thus joined by important contemporary initiatives of great appeal. These include the Lucca Comics&Games, the international comic book festival recognized as the best in Italy and the most extensive in Europe, which involves the entire city in the days between October and November; the Lucca Summer Festival, a proven music event that in July makes Piazza Napoleone and Campo Balilla a stage for internationally renowned artists; and the LUCCA Digital PHOTO fest , an important festival of photography and visual art that showcases itself from late November until mid-December. Last but not least, the town is transformed during the Christmas season with initiatives and markets.