Hotel near Carrara

Carrara is known as the Marble City, this ancient town located between the shores of the Ligurian Sea and the Apuan Alps has carved its place in Tuscany in history.Since Roman times, Carrara’s marble quarries and white gold have attracted visitors and artists from all over the world, making it the world’s marble capital.

Carrara lives a true marble culture so much so that it has dedicated a museum in the center of its town, where the methods and processing of Carrara’s White Gold from Roman times to the present are documented and exhibited.

Carrara’s history can also be experienced through its marvelous monuments, first and foremost the Palazzo Cybo Malaspina, a collection of buildings including a castle with a keep, towering over the town giving that medieval touch to the Tuscan town, currently the palace is the home of the Academy of Fine Arts of Carrara, where every year one can attend the “National Sculpture Symposium.”

Not far away, the ruins of Moneta Castle, in the hamlet of Fossola, can still be visited by tourists who take the opportunity to enjoy some fresh air and take some souvenir photos.

In the center of the town it is possible to admire the “Pieve di Sant’Andrea,” now the Cathedral of Carrara, made entirely of white marble it is the most important cathedral in the entire capital and in the entire Lunigiana area.

The Apuan Alps Park surrounds the city and stretches for more than 60 km along Lunigiana, Versilia and Garfagnana, the park winds its way through striking marble quarries and splendid views that allow the eye to sweep from the mountain peaks to the shores of the Ligurian Sea.

However, the real attraction of this town are the white marble quarries in the nearby hamlets of Calagio, where the first quarry from the Roman era dating back to the 1st century is located, Vara where it is possible to visit the Cava Museo and take a tour inside the oldest quarry-gallery in the area. Here there are souvenir stores and a bar. However, the most famous hamlet is Torano, which houses the largest quarry in the entire province and where the “marble road” begins.

Carrara hides its wonders not only in the town but also in the nearby hamlets, so we recommend visiting it by car; in fact, thanks to the presence of many parking lots in strategic areas, it will not be difficult to explore both the old town and the white marble quarries.
Carrara is only 30 minutes by car from our Hotel, however, a direct train from Pietrasanta can take you to the slopes of the city in 15 minutes.
Spring and summer are the best time to visit the town, thanks to the many green spaces it will be possible to move through the streets of the Tuscan town away from the heat. In addition, the proximity to the sea makes it an attractive area for beach tourism as well.