Andy was born in Monza in 1971

Always attracted by the visual arts, it is formed academically at the Institute of Art of Monza and the Academy of Applied Arts in Milan, before specializing in illustration and graphic design. Andy consolidates in his fisrt years a very strong pictorial code which applies not only to the paintings, but also to decorations and design objects, fabrics, musical instruments ... thus developing a wide international career through the exhibition of his works in solo exhibitions and group in Italy and abroad, creating collaborations with big brands such as Coveri, Carsberg, Iceberg, redbull, fiat, too late and Valtur.

Complete artist, Andy ia also a talented musician, in the early 90s he founded with Morgan Bluvertigo, where it contributes with sax, keyboards, vocals and synthesizers to the composition of three albums, and the publication of a collection of successes, activities' which together with Livio Magnini and Sergio Carnivale occupy him for several years between stages, interviews, television appearances.

It 'still very active in the music world as a composer of soundtracks, bands producer, presenter of music programs in the radio and television. Acute observer of contemporary reality music for ten years he devoted himself to research and experimentation, mixing sounds of new wave 80s taste in clubs allover Italy.

Andy is 'also the founder of Fluon, its general and creative core district, which sums up in the name of a philosophy of art and life FLU AS THE FLUORESCENCE, but also the influence from both emit and receive, a continuous stream and in a constant “ON” on. Lives and works in Monza.

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